Vision & values

Slover Linett serves the .org worlds exclusively, and like our clients we’re driven by a mission and a vision that are larger than ourselves.


Slover Linett exists to help cultural organizations engage more people and engage people more deeply. We’re about understanding the relationship between those institutions and the people they engage...or hope to engage. Our work brings leaders, staff and trustees together around a clear picture of the audience and a shared vision for the future.

We believe in a society in which arts & culture organizations are...

  • celebrated not just because their quality standards are high but also because they are responsive and alive to their communities;

  • relevant because they are alert to the deepest needs of their publics and dedicated to meeting them; and

  • trusted because they have taken the trouble to understand the individuals and communities they serve.

What do we care about?

  • Helping our clients take action. Nothing puts a smile on our faces more than seeing our research used to inform change, spark ideas, and drive success.

  • Making connections. We get deep satisfaction from putting the pieces of the puzzle together to form a detailed, coherent portrait.

  • Analyzing deeply. Raw data and strategic insights are miles apart. What turns one into the other are the statistical and qualitative probing, comparing, modeling, and interpreting that we thrive on.

  • Reporting candidly. We don’t sugar-coat the tough news in our research reports, and we communicate genuinely and openly with our clients.

  • Improving continually. Debriefs are a way of life at Slover Linett, because we want to keep learning and growing with every project.

  • Questioning assumptions. We’ve learned that received wisdom doesn’t always get you very far; sometimes you need thinking that’s new as well as true.

  • Contributing to the field. We strive to do research that will benefit not just our client but the “commonwealth” of knowledge about cultural and educational consumers. (Many of our reports are considered proprietary by our clients, but we share whatever we can.)

  • Having fun. We remember the passion that got each of us (and probably you, too) into this kind of work in the first place. And we try not to take ourselves too seriously. 

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March 14, 2014 | Nicole Baltazar

Multiculturalism is key for creating inclusive arts experiences


Last month, Coca-Cola aired its now-famous Super Bowl ad depicting people from various racial, ethnic, and cultural groups singing “America the Beautiful” together in different languages. Among the instant outpouring of polarized reactions to this ad rang much praise for its depiction of a multicultural America. Yet the ad provoked a slew of negative responses as well. Many of the ad’s detractors questioned whether this multicultural America could ever feel as cohesive as an America whose citizens speak a common language, and therefore have taken great strides toward assimilating into a common culture.

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