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Kiley Arroyo

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Kiley Arroyo is an independent cultural research, evaluation and management strategy consultant based in Sausalito, California. Her work aims to transform the fiscal, organizational and political infrastructure supporting the work of creative enterprises large and small. Over the past two decades she has been intimately involved with American, European and Middle Eastern arts & culture, philanthropic and government organizations. She has a developed a multidisciplinary skill set that combines policy analysis, applied research, program design, community engagement, organizational and leadership development. 

Kiley has worked with a diverse range of partners including: UNESCO, Demos, McKinsey & Company, the Rockefeller Foundation, Harvard University, the Foundation Center, the Urban Institute, Proxy SF, the American Alliance of Museums, the Exploratorium Museum, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Netherlands Architecture Institute, the Global Heritage Fund, and multiple family foundations.  

For the past three years, Kiley has served as the deputy director of research for the Initiative for Sustainable Arts in America (Sustain Arts). Led by Harvard University’s Hauser Institute for Civil Society, Sustain Arts analyzes the arts ecosystems of six metropolitan regions and the relationships between capitalization, urban demography, and cultural engagement overtime. With support from the National Endowment for the Arts, Kiley co-authored "Birth and Mortality Rates of Arts and Cultural Organizations, 1990-2010," a comprehensive study and causation analyses of organizational life cycles. Recently, Kiley has also collaborated with the Rockefeller Foundation to investigate ways cultural innovation strategies can be used to increase resilience and equity for poor and vulnerable populations in New York City.

In addition to formal client engagements Kiley is involved with a range of experimental urban planning projects designed to test the responsiveness of contemporary public policy. This includes a deep examination of alternative financing options for creative enterprises, neighborhood revitalization and social impact design projects. She has lectured on topics ranging from comparative cultural policy to design research and curatorial studies. Kiley holds an MA in public policy and management (socio-cultural emphasis) from University College Dublin, a BA in the history of art and architecture, and a minor in public administration from the University of Oregon.

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March 14, 2014 | Nicole Baltazar

Multiculturalism is key for creating inclusive arts experiences


Last month, Coca-Cola aired its now-famous Super Bowl ad depicting people from various racial, ethnic, and cultural groups singing “America the Beautiful” together in different languages. Among the instant outpouring of polarized reactions to this ad rang much praise for its depiction of a multicultural America. Yet the ad provoked a slew of negative responses as well. Many of the ad’s detractors questioned whether this multicultural America could ever feel as cohesive as an America whose citizens speak a common language, and therefore have taken great strides toward assimilating into a common culture.

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