Passing the Bar for Hofstra

January 19, 2010

Along with our partners at the communications firm mStoner, Slover Linett was selected by Hofstra University’s School of Law for a major research and engagement initiative.

Hofstra Law, a top-100 law school located on Long Island about 25 miles east of Manhattan, chose the team of mStoner and Slover Linett after a national search for research-driven, strategy-minded marketing partners. Slover Linett will conduct brand perception studies of the school’s full range of constituents, including prospective law students, admitted students, current students, alumni, and employers. Using those findings as a foundation, mStoner will then develop a brand platform and new website for the school.

Bill Hayward, Slover Linett’s education practice leader, is enthusiastic about the upcoming research. “Hofstra is in a highly competitive tier of the legal ed marketplace, and the New York area is also crowded with strong professional schools. So Hofstra has to differentiate meaningfully and authentically. And this broad brand assessment work will help them do that.”

Hayward and mStoner president and founder Michael Stoner will travel to Long Island this week for kickoff meetings with Hofstra Law staff.

mStoner is a leading communications consultancy in the higher ed community. Our two firms have partnered on education projects since 2007, when Stoner and Slover Linett managing partner Cheryl Slover-Linett met at a higher education marketing conference in New Orleans and realized that their offices were just two blocks apart on Chicago’s north side.

"We're always excited to work on a new project with Michael and his team," said Slover Linett. "And in this case we're all looking forward to helping an important school take better public ownership of its strengths."

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