Northwestern University’s Rachelle L. Brooks Named a Research Fellow at Slover Linett

November 22, 2010

We’re proud to announce that Rachelle L. Brooks, a nationally recognized leader in outcomes assessment in higher education, is joining our team as an affiliated researcher. Dr. Brooks will collaborate with the firm on student, prospect, and alumni studies and extend our ability to serve colleges and universities through outcomes assessment.

Dr. Brooks works at Northwestern University in a variety of research, assessment and administrative roles focused on measuring student outcomes. She is currently principal investigator of the Teagle Assessment Project, a longitudinal study examining changes in the critical thinking and post-formal reasoning of undergraduates at a dozen colleges and universities (covered recently here).

She also directs the Center for Data Collection and Analysis of the College Sports Project, an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-funded initiative involving longitudinal data collection among undergraduates at 90 colleges and universities.

In the course of her work at Northwestern, Dr. Brooks collaborated regularly with Bill Hayward, then director of the university’s institutional research office and now leading Slover Linett’s higher education practice. Brooks and Hayward recently collaborated on a chapter on assessment for the forthcoming Handbook for Institutional Research (2011), and they look forward to continuing that partnership now that Dr. Brooks will be a research fellow.

“There’s no one quite like Rachelle in this field,” Hayward says. “She is doing truly groundbreaking work on how to understand and quantify the ways an undergraduate experience changes young people. I’m delighted that she’ll be part of our extended ‘family’ and look forward to working with her to develop new capacities and approaches in assessment.”

Dr. Brooks is equally enthusiastic about the new affiliation. “The opportunity here is to connect student outcomes assessment to other pressing questions in higher ed, like lifelong learning, alumni engagement, and the decisions that prospective students make about where to matriculate,” she says. “Those are areas Bill and Slover Linett have their heads in every day, and I look forward to joining forces with them to see what we can learn together.”

Dr. Brooks becomes Slover Linett’s second academically based Research Fellow, joining University of Chicago cultural anthropologist Michael Di Giovine, who has been affiliated with the firm since 2009.

More information about Dr. Brooks is available in her bio on the Slover Linett website and her profile at Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy. Recent coverage of her findings for the College Sports Project can be read here.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Brooks. She can be reached by email or by phone at (847) 467-0352.

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