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First, we’re delighted by the response to our new website and blog this past month. Colleagues like you from around the culture and education fields are finding us, and we’re happy to connect.

Our first CultureQ question drew a nearly unanimous reply (hint: it’s not what they’re spending, it’s what they’re giving...or not). Be sure to weigh in on the new February question, too (at right).

And our blog, Asking Audiences, is sparking conversation among old and new friends. If you haven’t left a comment yet yourself, please do — and tell a colleague about this new blog.

February will be a busy month for us. We’ll begin new rounds of research for the Lincoln Park Zoo (pictured above) and for several of our Wallace Foundation-funded clients, including the Seattle Art Museum, Pacific Northwest Ballet, the Center for Asian American Media, and Fleisher Art Memorial. We’re jumping in with both feet for a new initiative with Hofstra Law, and we’ll wrap up major studies for Chicago Public Radio...among much else.

So you won't be surprised to hear that we’re hiring; pass it on.

But enough about us. There are important developments brewing in the fields we serve, from higher ed (where debates about funding, assessment, and value continue to intensify; also here) to the cultural sector (where the downbeat assessment of a new national index of vitality runs counter to the positive news about attendance and ticket sales we're hearing from museums and arts groups across the US).

So stay tuned...and stay in touch.

What's New?
February 02, 2010

New Collaboration with Cultural Economics Firm AECOM

We’re proud to be beginning a new study this month with our friends at AECOM, with whom we’ve collaborated on museum research and analysis projects in the past. More »
February 01, 2010

Alumni and Development Analysis Delivered to University of Chicago

Last week, Slover Linett presented the results of a custom analysis of alumni survey responses originally collected by COFHE, the Consortium on Financing Higher Education. More »
January 19, 2010

Passing the Bar for Hofstra

Along with our partners at the communications firm mStoner, Slover Linett was selected by Hofstra University’s School of Law for a major research and engagement initiative. More »

January 28, 2010

Would you like any local flavor with that?

Starbucks is “eschewing its cookie-cutter ways” and letting variation and independence bloom. If they can do it, how about museums and symphonies? More »
January 21, 2010

The truth doesn't have to hurt

An Onion headline caught my eye because it jokes about something close to home: the self-interest at the heart of many institutions’ audience research efforts. More »
January 20, 2010

First “National Arts Index” pegs the problems

You don’t have to be a research wonk to be excited about the debut of the National Arts Index today. But the picture it paints is hardly cheerful. More »

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