Succeeding with Social Media: Lessons From the First Survey of Social Media in Advancement

Slover Linett Issue Paper Series
December 01, 2010

A white paper exploring in more detail the results of a study of how social media is managed by higher education institutions. The study was conducted in early 2010 for CASE (the Council for Advancement and Support of Education) by Slover Linett Strategies in partnership with mStoner. This paper, by Cheryl Slover-Linett and Michael Stoner, builds on the CASE Currents article (see next item) and the initial survey findings they presented to the field in July, 2010. Download pdf »

Social Experiments: Results from CASE's Inaugural Survey of Social Media in Advancement

CASE Currents
December 01, 2010

Cheryl Slover-Linett and Michael Stoner co-authored this discussion of results and implications from our first national study of social media management by colleges and universities. The article appears in the November/December, 2010 issue of Currents, a publication of CASE (the Council for Advancement and Support of Education). See also their whitepaper about the study, which provides additional analysis and case studies. Download pdf »

Thinking About Audience Research? Four Rules for the Perplexed

National Arts Marketing Project (
February 12, 2010

This two-part article by Peter Linett was recently published on the website of the National Arts Marketing Project, a unit of Americans for the Arts. It aims to help arts leaders ask the right questions before embarking on a research project.

Read Part 1 or Part 2 on the National Arts Marketing Project website.

Download pdf (single file) »


Some Thoughts on the Problems and Possibilities of Museum Books

Curator: The Museum Journal
February 08, 2010

As Peter Linett becomes an associate editor at Curator: The Museum Journal, he looks back on his six years as book review editor and asks why the literature that came across his desk was so often inward and uninspiring.

In addition downloading this article, please consider subscribing to Curator or asking your institution to do so. You can also join the conversation about this and other articles at the journal's community website,

Link to article (for those with university/library access) »
Download pdf » 

Reading Weil: A Premature Appreciation

Curator: The Museum Journal
August 22, 2009

A paper given by Peter Linett at the conference “Museums Matter: A Tribute to Stephen Weil” held at the University of Victoria in Canada. 
Download pdf >>

Risk, Failure, and ‘Foolishness,’ Anyone?

Museum Views
April 01, 2009

A call for increased innovation in museum thinking and practice by Peter Linett, based on a talk delivered to the Art Museum Partnership's Directors Forum conference in New York in October, 2008.
Download pdf »

Reinstallation Rorschach: What Do You See in the Renovated Detroit Institute of Arts?

Curator: The Museum Journal
January 01, 2009

Slover Linett partner Peter Linett assesses the recent “reinvention” at one of America’s’ grand municipal art museums and finds it more incremental than revolutionary. Download pdf >>

Review of Civilizing the Museum: The Collected Writings of Elaine Heumann Gurian

Curator: The Museum Journal
April 01, 2006

Peter Linett reviews Gurian’s twenty-five years worth of essays that make the field’s most eloquent argument in favor of accessibility and inclusivity. 
Download pdf >>

Haunted, Happily: Why the Barnes Case Matters

Curator: The Museum Journal
April 01, 2004

Peter Linett discusses the implications of moving the Barnes Foundation from its original home in the Philadelphia suburb of Merion to a new building downtown.
Download pdf >>

An Opening Doesn’t Have to Mean a Closing

Wall Street Journal
February 24, 2004

An opinion piece by Peter Linett offering a solution to the then-simmering controversy about the Barnes Foundation’s move to downtown Philadelphia.
Download pdf >>

The Poetic Museum: Reviving Historical Collections

Curator: The Museum Journal
October 01, 2002

Peter Linett reviews Julian Spalding's controversial book on his unique vision for the future of museums and their visitors.
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Last month, Coca-Cola aired its now-famous Super Bowl ad depicting people from various racial, ethnic, and cultural groups singing “America the Beautiful” together in different languages. Among the instant outpouring of polarized reactions to this ad rang much praise for its depiction of a multicultural America. Yet the ad provoked a slew of negative responses as well. Many of the ad’s detractors questioned whether this multicultural America could ever feel as cohesive as an America whose citizens speak a common language, and therefore have taken great strides toward assimilating into a common culture.

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