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What Makes a Great Museum Experience and How Can Technology Help?

Slover Linett for The Field Museum
November 10, 2014

The Field Museum asked Slover Linett to conduct a research study investigating two questions: first, what are visitors’ ideal experiences, and second, how can technology support those ideals? Available downloads:

Executive summary written to accompany the release of the study in November, 2014 [pdf 859Kb]

Phase 1 qualitative research report (May, 2013, presentation format) [pdf 1.6Mb]

Phase 2 survey & segmentation report (December, 2013, presentation format) [pdf, 1.9Mb]

New Data Directions for the Cultural Landscape

January 14, 2014

The Cultural Data Project (CDP) has released "New Data Directions for the Cultural Landscape: Toward a Better-Informed, Stronger Sector," a whitepaper by Sarah Lee and Peter Linett. The paper offers an assessment of the state of data collection and use in the arts & culture sector and recommends a more strategic, coordinated approach to developing new information resources to improve the sector's performance, vitality, and public impact. You can download the whitepaper PDF here

Ancient Worlds Gallery: Front-End and Formative Evaluation

March 22, 2013

Before joining Slover Linett, associate Sharisse Butler, in connection with the Institute for Learning Innovation, conducted a “front-end” evaluation and the first of a two-phase formative evaluation for the recreation of Milwaukee Public Museum’s (MPM) Ancient Worlds gallery; the second phase was completed by Slover Linett Audience Research. 

For this new gallery, six themes were selected to guide the visitor experience: construction, communion, community, communication, commerce, and conflict. The front-end study provided an understanding of visitor interest, understanding, beliefs, and attitudes toward these themes. The formative evaluation tested initial concepts and prototypes for three interactive displays, leading to refinements and continued development by MPM staff. 

On December 6, 2012, Slover Linett delivered a final presentation of findings, including an introductory general overview of visitor studies research in museums, to the MPM staff, volunteers, and local museum studies students. MPM has graciously allowed us to publish this presentation, the pdf of which can be downloaded here

Connecting with Audiences: Insights from Seattle’s Wallace Excellence Awards Initiative

February 11, 2013

In the summer of 2012, the Washington State Arts Commission (WSAC) hired Slover Linett to synthesize and compile key insights and strategies relating to broadening and deepening audience engagement with the arts. The data was gathered from audience research conducted by nine Seattle-area Wallace Foundation Excellence Awards (WEA) recipients. Slover Linett was fortunate enough to have worked with seven of these organizations to conduct and interpret their audience research,  providing a unique familiarity with the audiences and strategies at hand. The final report, Connecting with Audiences: Insights from Seattle’s Wallace Excellence Awards Initiative, was presented to WSAC in December, 2012. The pdf of the report is available for download here

A Laboratory for Relevance: Findings and Recommendations from the Arts Innovation Fund

December 04, 2012

An independent assessment report written by Slover Linett Strategies, A Laboratory for Relevance: Findings and Recommendations from the Arts Innovation Fund, captures valuable lessons about innovation and organizational change. These findings will be of interest to arts organizations of all sizes, as well as funders, consultants, policymakers and others who care about the vibrancy and viability of this sector.

Campus Art Museums in the 21st Century: A Conversation

November 01, 2012

This past summer, a group of campus art museum directors and outside experts were brought together by Tom Shapiro (Cultural Strategy Partners), Betty Farrell (Cultural Policy Center) and Slover Linett chairman, Peter Linett. The group's objective was to 'think out loud' about the changes already occurring at campus museums and find where new opportunities and roles may be emerging. The hope is that the resulting paper, downloadable here, will further the field's continuing exploration of its roles and potentials through dialogue, research, and experimentation—an exploration that contributes to the continued healthy evolution of campus art museum practice.

Your feedback on the report can be given at

Social Media Advancement: Insights from Three Years of Data

Slover Linett Issue Paper Series
August 28, 2012

A white paper exploring in more detail the results of the third annual study of how social media is managed by higher education institutions. The study was conducted for CASE (the Council for Advancement and Support of Education) by Slover Linett Strategies in partnership with mStoner. This paper, by Cheryl Slover-Linett and Michael Stoner, builds on the initial survey findings they presented at the CASE Summit for Advancement Leaders meeting in July.

Download pdf »



Trends Impacting Today’s Donor Environment

July 26, 2012

Trends Impacting Today’s Donor Environment was commissioned by a top tier university development office. The task was to present trends that will impact fundraising in higher education. The report was written and presented by Cheryl Slover-Linett and Bill Hayward.

Third Annual CASE Social Media Survey - Findings

April 18, 2012

This is the third year of our partnership with mStoner and CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) as we conduct this study on social media management at thousands of CASE member colleges and universities worldwide. President Cheryl Slover-Linett will give a full presentation of the findings at the annual CASE Summit for Advancement Leaders meeting in July 2012 in Washington, DC.

The summary (topline) report of the third annual survey findings is available here.

The presentation, Succeeding with Social Media 2012, from the CASE Social Media and Community conference in Chicago, is available here.

Front-End Evaluation for a New Learning Center at the National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
October 11, 2010

A report of findings and recommendations from our 2009 exploratory research for the Education and Outreach Department at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. This two-part study was designed to inform plans for an innovative new learning center being built at the museum. Part one looks qualitatively at visitors’ ideal museum experiences and interest in engaging with this museum’s scientists, collections, and research. Part two reviews a wide range of “peer” institutions and programs in the US and UK to shed light on contemporary modes of public engagement with science and related content. Download pdf »

MBA Prospects Survey 2010

AIGAC Annual Conference
July 06, 2010

Findings presented at the annual meeting of the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC) on June 17, 2010 at MIT's Sloan School of Management. This study is the second wave of an ongoing survey conducted in partnership with AIGAC and led for Slover Linett Strategies by Bill Hayward, the firm's senior associate for higher education. Download pdf »

Decision-Making and Online Ticket Purchase for Chicago Area Theaters

League of Chicago Theatres
August 19, 2009

Report presented to the Chicago-area theater community on August 19, 2009 at the Goodman Theater in Chicago. This is the final report from a study of audiences' online ticketing needs and behaviors commissioned by the League of Chicago Theatres and funded by the Chicago Community Trust.
Download pdf »

Arts for Delaware's Future: Audience Research

May 21, 2009

Arts for Delaware's future commissioned Slover Linett to conduct a study to learn how Wilmington arts organizations can best attract new patrons and increase engagement among current patrons.  This report uncovers the current perceptions of teh Wilmington arts "brand" and identifies areas of opportunities for strengthening that brand.  Please read more to learn about our findings from stakeholder interviews, a community survey and a current audience survey.
Download pdf >>

Dimensions of Online Theater Ticket Purchases

April 30, 2009

The League of Chicago Theatres enlisted Slover Linett to conduct research that would help it learn how to build audiences for its member theaters, as well as strengthen the League's brand through increasing online ticket purchases.  This report includes findings from focus groups, onsite survey results of in-theater audiences, and an online survey of members of the League's database.  
Download pdf >>

Cross Ethnic Arts Attendance: Logic Model

November 04, 2008

After conducting qualitative audience research study, which offered broad, preliminary answers to the research questions posed in the beginning of this project, Slover Linett and the consulting team developed a logic model for the Cross-Ethnic Research & Marketing Initiative.  The logic model informed the development of a three-year marketing plan, to be led by the Dance Center, Slover Linett, and marketing consultants. 
Download pdf >>

Cross Ethnic Arts Attendance: Focus Groups

June 25, 2008

Following the literature review, Slover Linett held focus groups with patrons of The Dance Center at Columbia College to explore the issues surrounding attendance at ethnically-specific dance, with particular emphasis on the benefits of, and barriers to, cross-ethnic attendance.  This report outlines the broad objectives of the study and provides detailed findings from the focus groups. 
Download pdf >>

Marketing Challenges for Higher Education

June 01, 2008

In 2008, Slover Linett Strategies and mStoner teamed up to investigate the top marketing challenges facing higher education insititutions.  Read the final white paper to learn more.
Download pdf >>

Cross Ethnic Arts Attendance: Literature Review

January 09, 2008

The Dance Center at Columbia College engaged Slover Linett Strategies in a research and marketing initiative to explore -- and ultimately learn how to increase -- patterns of cross-ethnic attendance at dance performances.  The goal of thiis literature review was to provide context and inform the design and interpretation of the focus groups.  It also aimed to give the entire project team an opportunity to delve into some of the strategic and philosophical questions at the heart of the initiative. 
Download pdf >> 

The Walters Art Museum: Title & Positioning Study for the Repeating Images Exhibition

January 24, 2007

The Walters Art Museum asked Slover Linett Strategies to conduct marketing research in connection with the museum’s planned Fall 2007 exhibition, which explores why some of France’s greatest painters of the late eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries created multiple versions of the same motif. The research was designed to inform the development of an appealing exhibition title and effective marketing messages, and to assist the Walters staff in forecasting likely attendance at the exhibition.   Slover Linett helped develop a range of potential title/subtitle pairs for comparison along with a brief, neutral description of the planned exhibition in order to evaluate which titles were perceived by visitors as most appropriateto the show’s content.  This report includes the findings from interviews conducted with visitors at art museums in the area. 
Download pdf >>

Chicago Community Trust Excellence in Dance Initiative: Dance Audience Survey Findings

September 10, 2004

This audience survey – conducted among both dance patrons and non-patrons – met four key research objectives for CCT: learn how it can increase attendance at dance performances; understand the hierarchy of benefits and barriers facing dance attendance; identify the main psychographic segments that exist among these two groups; and quantify the findings from preceding audience focus groups, identifying any differences by segment.
Download pdf >>

Dance Audience Development Research: Qualitative Research Findings

January 09, 2004

This research was designed to uncover insights and opportunities that can help the dance community attract new audiences and increase attendance among current dance patrons.  Read this report to learn more about patrons’ perceptions, motivations, and barriers with regard to dance attendance. 
Download pdf >>

Chicago Community Trust Excellence in Dance Initiative: Findings from the Dance Leader Interviews and Literature Review

August 14, 2003

Twelve dance leaders were selected to probe on the uniqueness of dance -- in general and in Chicago.  Following these interviews, a literature review was conducted to gather knowledge and insights on the ways in which light and heavy dance patrons differ.  Slover Linett provided recommendations for target audiences that can provide the greatest growth, and created a framework for how people become dance patrons.  Download pdf >>

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